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9/11 Anniversary

Posted by Rick on September 11, 2007

My family and I were in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, when the towers fell.  Sally just happened to be flipping through channels that day.  I was doing email.  She shouted for me to “Come and look” as a plane or something had hit one of the towers.  We watched in confusion as we saw another plane fly into the second tower.  We thought it was a replay, but now, both towers were on fire.  Once we realized it was a second plane, I knew deep in my heart that it wasn’t a mistake; we were under attack.

How do we deal with that now?  Sometimes I feel like America has forgotten.  We’ve gotten tired of it all and the TV networks won’t even show the planes hitting or the towers falling.  Gone are the flags, the ribbons, and the temporary perceived need for God.

We are now in our 6th year of a foreign war.  We grow weary of hearing about the war, of Bin Laden still being at large, and of our soldiers dying “over there”.

There will be memorials in New York and Washington, D.C., today as we remember those who died in the attacks.  In New York City, they will hold the memorial in a park, instead of “ground zero” and read the names of those who died.

I think it is good to remember.  But, too often, that is where we fall short.  We simply “remember”.  We don’t change; we don’t grow stronger.  Oh, true, our nation has changed.  We now, for some reason, tolerate Islam.  In trying to make everyone “feel” good, we have accepted Islam into mainstream America.  We are allowing our nation to be subverted from within.  Our very foundation is crumbling.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think any less of people who follow Islam than folks who follow Mormonism.  Or Hinduism.  Or Buddhism.  Or Satanism.  They are misguided and deceived.  They are lost and are headed to an eternity OUT of the presence of God.  We are to love them.  We are to share the Good News with them. 

Stand firm!  There will be a day when Christians will no longer have a voice in America.  We see it already creeping into our schools, our courts, and our places of business.  Stand firm!  Live for Jesus!  Make a difference!  Don’t compromise in your own life!  Pray for our nation.

May God have mercy on us all.

Bro. Rick


One Response to “9/11 Anniversary”

  1. Kevin said

    Hello, Rick,

    I was in TN on a leave from the board when the towers fell. As you said above, “It is good to remember.” To paraphrase your statment, “It is good to remember; it is better to remember and change.” We saw a mild surge in church attendance for all of 3 weeks. Then it was business as usual. Now, 6 years later, we have forgotten again–at least, I fear we have. And because we have, as you said, one of the responses we will see is that the Christian voice in America will soon be quelled. I hope we are ready…

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