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Holy Saturday

Posted by Rick on March 22, 2008

Dead.  Executed.  Alone in the grave.  In a tomb.  With the door sealed by the government.  Soldiers outside guarding it to make sure no “shenanigans” go on.  Lifeless. Cold.  Dead.

His followers wait and worry.  Worry that all they had worked for was for naught.  Worry that He wasn’t really the Messiah.  Worry that they’ll be “next”.

The Earth had felt the feet of Jesus for 33 years.  It rejoiced to know that its Creator was walking on it.  In Person!  It had readied its rocks to shout praises, just in case its human inhabitants had failed their job.  But now, it served only to house the dead body of the One who created it.

All felt lost.  There was nothing to rejoice about.  Disappointment and depression abounded…

But Sunday was coming!


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