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Bits and Bytes

Posted by Rick on December 31, 2007

Here are some “sound bites” from yesterdays sermon “On the Threshold of a New Year”:

  • You can fear the future or you can embrace the future.
  • God has been faithful in the past which means you can depend on Him to be faithful in the future.
  • When you look at the situation, you are taking your eyes off God.
  • When you keep your eyes on God, you are able to look at the potential.
  • Your perspective can make all the difference for the future.
  • Listen to news in light of what you know about God.
  • Make your plans based on God’s faithfulness.
  • We look at the past with 20/20 vision, but we must look at the future through God’s eyes.

May God bless you and your family in 2008!


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