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Bits and Bytes

Posted by Rick on January 14, 2008

Here are some “Sound Bites” from yesterday’s sermon on Psalm 23, “God is Closer Than You Think In Times of Crisis”:

  • Allow God to lead you through times of trouble to take you to “higher ground”.
  • Keep your eyes on the shepherd, not on the circumstances.
  • Trust God to protect you.
  • God is faithful and will not lead you to destruction, but to something better.
  • God’s “rod” is for protection; His “staff” is for correction and rescue.
  • Sometime we get too comfortable in the meadows (good times) that when the valleys (crisis) comes, we aren’t ready to have to trust the Lord.
  • Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
  • You must be born into God’s flock; you can’t “join” it.

You can listen to yesterday’s sermon by clicking on the player below or by going here:


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