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Question Finally Answered

Posted by Rick on February 4, 2008

The question, “How many Baptists does it take to change a light bulb?” has finally been answered.

The answer is 8.

Two to ride the lift, one to operate the lift, one to operate the light switch, one to climb the roof, two to climb the ladder, and one to take pictures.

This past Saturday, we changed a total of 55 lights in and on the church building.  All of the chandelier lights were changed, two burned out stage lights were changed, several exit lights were changed, a couple of security lights were changed, and the lights on the steeple were changed and the whole steeple lighting system was repaired to that the steeple lights actually work now.

I have placed some pictures in the “Photo Album” to let you see what a complex operation this was. 

Thanks to all who cared enough to risk life and limb making this happen!

Bro Rick


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