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A Visit to “Lottie Moon Country”

Posted by Rick on November 21, 2007

Rick Boyne at the Lottie Moon Monument in Penglai, China.

In May 2006, I had the privilege to visit Penglai, Shandong, China and see where Lottie Moon lived and ministered. In the photo above, I am standing next to a monument erected in 1919 (I think) to the memory of Lottie Moon by the members of her church in Penglai. After the cultural revolution, the monument was found in the yard of the church and was re-erected to her memory. The Red Guard had scratched out some of the characters, but it is still readable (all in Chinese characters, of course).

The church Lottie Moon attended in Penglai, China.

The picture above is of the church Lottie Moon attended in Penglai, China. (You can see the monument in front of the left window.) The church is still in use but is no longer large enough for the congregation. They have recently built a new facility just to the right of the building, but still use this church’s baptistry because the new church doesn’t have a water source for the baptistry. The pastor reported that in 2005, they baptized over 400 people.

Remains of Lottie Moon’s School for Girls in Penglai, China.

The picture above shows the remains of the Girls School that Lottie Moon where taught. The building was torn down because of it’s condition, but the outline on the remaining wall can still be seen. In the pile of debris stacked against the wall are roof tiles from the original school. I was fortunate enough to be able to get one for my personal collection. I was told that those tiles were purchased with funds from one of the original offerings collected for China by Southern Baptists. Those offerings later became known as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into the world of Lottie Moon. Please give generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

Bro Rick


3 Responses to “A Visit to “Lottie Moon Country””

  1. lottie glover said

    lottie moon was a good person. She is butiful. theres a site that you can read her real story it is really intresting.

  2. eslbruce said

    Thanks for the article, Rick. I have been thinking of looking for sites connected with Lottie Moon (she’s a distant cousin) when I am in China this summer. You have given me some ideas on where to look.

  3. Nancy anderson said

    I’ve just read a biography about Lottie Moon, and found your site when searching for more info. Thanks so much for posting the photos, and sharing your experience. It’s great to see that the Lord’s work continues there! 400 baptisms in a year- WOW! I wish we were as hungry for the truth here in America as they seem to be in China! Blessings to you

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