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Archive for the ‘China’ Category

Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on July 7, 2009

“How often do we attempt work for God to the limit of our incompetency rather than to the limit of God’s omnipotency.”  – J. Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor in 1865; Founder of China Inland Mission

Hudson Taylor in 1865; Founder of China Inland Mission


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Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on August 11, 2008

Here are some “sound bites” from yesterday morning’s sermon, “Set Free!” based on Romans 8:1-8:

  • Before we accept Christ, we are “condemned captives”.
  • Our condemnation is eternal separation from God in Hell.
  • We are condemned because we have sinned.
  • However, Jesus became in on our behalf that we might be righteous to God.
  • Jesus took the full brunt of the wrath of God.
  • We then are preserved for eternity with God in Heaven.
  • We are rescued & redeemed.
  • There are those who do not know this good news and are going to face the full wrath of God.
  • We must make every effort to share Jesus with them.

You can listen to the morning sermon here or by clicking on the audio player below:

You can also listen the evening sermon, “A G-Rated Life in an R-Rated World” based on Ephesians 5:1-14 here or by clicking on the audio player below:

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Free Bibles During Olympics

Posted by Rick on July 10, 2008

Bibles to be available free during Games

(July 7, 2008, People’s Daily)
Athletes, officials, spectators and tourists can pick up the Bible or just the New Testament for free during the Olympic Games next month. Tens of thousands of copies of the Bible, the New Testament and booklets with just the four Gospels (according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) have been printed for the purpose, say officials of China’s Christian society. Rev Xu Xiaohong, an official of the Shanghai-based China Christian Council in charge of publishing, says 50,000 bilingual (Chinese and English) editions of the Gospel booklets had already been printed by June. They are on way to six cities hosting the Olympic events in the mainland. As has been the practice at earlier Games, the Gospel booklets will be available mainly in churches and the Olympic Village in Beijing, and in Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao, Xu says. Places of worship for people of other religions too have been set up in the Olympic Village, Chen Guangyuan, president of the Islamic Association of China has said. The cover of the Gospel booklet will have the Beijing Olympics logo. Nanjing-based Amity Printing Co, the country’s major printer of the Bible, has printed the Gospel booklets. Its general manager Li Chunnong says 30,000 copies of the New Testament (Chinese-English bilingual edition) are being printed for free distribution during the Games. The Beijing Christian Council has placed an order with Amity to reprint 10,000 copies of the bilingual Bible edition to be distributed in the Olympic Village, Li says.

NOTE from Bro Rick:  Pray that the Bibles would be available to Chinese citizens!

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on July 9, 2008

“We must serve God even to the point of suffering.” – J. Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor in 1865; Founder of China Inland Mission

Hudson Taylor in 1865; Founder of China Inland Mission

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Audrey Boyne Surrenders to Missions

Posted by Rick on June 16, 2008

Audrey Boyne, daughter of pastor Rick Boyne and his wife, Sally, attended Falls Creek Baptist Encampment two weeks ago with Emmanuel Baptist Church of Enid, OK. The last evening there, she felt God’s call on her life for service as an overseas missionary. Due to extenuating circumstances, she was unable to make her call known public at the Falls Creek Tabernacle Invitation.

Yesterday morning, she came forward during the invitation time at her home church to make her decision public. The whole congregation affirmed her in her decision and promised to support her with prayer and finances. After the service was completed, Audrey greeted the whole church in a reception line.

Audrey already has a vast experience in missions. She is an MK (Missionary Kid) having lived in Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Thailand and Hong Kong. She has also traveled to The Gambia, Togo, Singapore, Macau, China, and Mongolia. Her heart for missions started when she was just 2 1/2 years old as her parents became missionaries with the IMB in Guinea, West Africa. She has lived 8 of her 12 years overseas. She will enter the 7th grade at Wagoner Middle School this fall.

Won’t you join with us as we pray for Audrey and guide her in her journey with God to fulfill the Great Commission?

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Items for Prayer

Posted by Rick on May 13, 2008

There are two on-going major events that need our prayer attention.

First is the tragedy in Myanmar from the effects of the recent typhoon.  Living conditions are atrocious and the death count is estimated to be around 100,000.  The ruling junta there is more concerned with preserving their rule than they are getting aid to the people who need it.  Pray that God would be glorified in this mess, that people who need help would get it, and that local believers and missionaries would be able to minister to the people there and share with them the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Second, Sichuan Province in Western China had a huge earthquake on Sunday.  7.9 on the Richter Scale is just incredible.  Authorities have put the “official” death toll at about 12,000.  There are tens of thousands of people still trapped in rubble.  Pray that God would be glorified in this mess, that people who are in need of rescue would receive it quickly, and that local believers would be able to use this to minister to people and share with them the hope that is in Jesus.

I had the opportunity to visit this area a few years ago.   It is a beautiful area, but people are poor and they are lost, by the millions.

Thirdly, on a less global scale, Rev. Forrest Pollock, pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Fl, is missing after he and his 13 year old son, Preston, took off in their private plane to return home from North Carolina.  They have search parties looking for them, including three aircraft.  They have found an emergency signal from somewhere in the mountains, but are unable to locate the plane due to heavy undergrowth.  You can read updates about this here.  Pray that if they are still alive, that they would be found quickly and if they are not, then their wreckage would be discovered quickly.  Pray that God would be glorified in this and that many people would come to His saving grace through this difficult situation.

Interestingly, in reading his bio, I found that we both graduated from the University of Oklahoma together in 1986.  I don’t think I knew him, but it brought it “close to home”.  Bro. Forrest was born in OKC.

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Notes about Eric Liddell

Posted by Rick on March 14, 2008

Most of us only think about Eric Liddell as ‘the man who wouldn’t run on Sunday’, for whom about the movie “Chariots of Fire” was made.  After his running career, he served as a missionary to Shandong Province, China.  He was captured during WWII by the Japanese and died in a prison camp in Weifeng, China, in 1945, just five months before the camp’s liberation.  In a prisoner exchange bargain, his freedom was arranged by Winston Churchill, but he gave it up and let a pregnant woman leave instead.  He was known as the “Flying Scotsman” and by his Chinese name,  Li Airui, 李愛銳.

I had the opportunity to visit Weifeng in 2004.  I saw the camp and hospital where he died.  There is a wonderful monument erected in his memory, but someone has defaced it by scratching out the cross at the top and the Bible emblem at the bottom.  During the Cultural Revolution, the cornerstone of the hospital was defaced by the Red Guard.  They committed a similar act on the monument to Lottie Moon in Penglai.

One of the most moving monuments was the wall of names.  It listed everyone interred by the Japanese.  Liddell’s name is, of course, listed as well.

Monument to Eric Liddell in Weifeng, China Monument to Eric Liddel in Weifeng Prison Camp

Wall of Names at Weifeng Prisoner’s Monument, Weifeng, China Wall of Names at Weifeng Prison Camp Memorial (I circled Liddell’s name in red)

Hospital in Weifeng Prison Camp where Eric Liddell died Hospital where Eric Liddell died in Weifeng Prison Camp in 1945.

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Bro Rick

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Account of Mistreatment of Christians in China

Posted by Rick on February 15, 2008

YUNAN PROVINCE, China, Feb. 14 /Christian Newswire/ — China Aid has learned that two Christian women, Meng Xiu Lan- 55, and Zhou Cheng Xiu- 53, were detained by police in Jun Tun County on February 2, 2008. Policemen from Jun Tun police department detained the women after they were found distributing Christmas cards. The two women were first threatened and mocked by police before being stripped completely nude and frisked violently. 

Police then handcuffed the two women and escorted them back to their homes. After searching the house, police illegally confiscated CD’s, handouts, Bibles, song books and calenders, without proper documentation.

The suffering and humiliation that these two Christian women were forced to endure is both shocking and horrendous. The PRC has failed to be consistent in its rhetoric of religious freedom and rule of law. 

Such behavior should not be tolerated by any society, especially one chosen to host the World Olympic Games. We encourage the CPC to make amends to these innocent victims by restoring the property and dignity that was wrongfully taken from them.

To voice your concern over this incident please contact:
Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
Address: 2201 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.,
Washington D.C. 20007
Tel: (202) 338-6688, (202)5889760
Fax: (202) 588-9760


Note: Pray for believers in China, that they would be faithful and strong enough to endure the persecution.  Bro Rick

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Robert Morrison

Posted by Rick on January 8, 2008

I had the privilege of seeing Robert Morrison’s gravesite in Macau, China.. in 2006.  Morrison is the first one to translate the Bible into Chinese.

Morrison's grave 

Morrison's grave is in the back corner.

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on January 8, 2008

“The man…looking at him with a smile that only half concealed his contempt, inquired, ‘Now, Mr. Morrison, do you really expect that you will make an impression on the idolatry of the Chinese empire?’  ‘No, sir,’ said Morrison, ‘but I expect that God will.'”  – of Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison

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