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Posts Tagged ‘Prayer’

Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on February 22, 2010

Here are some “sound bites” from Sunday morning’s message, “Attention Getting Disorder” based on Matthew 6:1-18

  • What is our motivation for our good works?
  • If we try to get the approval of people, we don’t aim high enough.
  • We should let our good works shine as to glorify our Father in Heaven.
  • Don’t “not do” something because someone might see you do it.
  • Work as unto the Lord!

You can listen to the message here or by clicking on the audio player below:

You can also listen to the evening message, “Shipwrecked Faith” based on I Timothy 1:18-20 here or by clicking on the audio player below:

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Note from Bro Rick

Posted by Rick on September 5, 2009

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me and my family for the past 6 weeks of my illness.  I received news today about my CT Scan.  It indicated that there were no spots in my lungs!  The only explanation for this is that God has answered our prayers!

I will need to see a pulmonologist next week, however, because it indicated an atypical pneumonia or a fungal process in the lower lobe of my right lung.  Please continue to pray us through this difficult time.

Thanks so much for your prayers and to those who have mowed our lawn and provided us with meals!  You are the best!


Bro Rick

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Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on March 4, 2009

Here are some “sound bites” from Sunday morning’s sermon, “Dare to Be a Daniel” based on Daniel 6:

  • Daniel was in the habit of  praying.
  • Daniel loved God more than he loved his own life.
  • Daniel wasn’t going to let the law of the land stop his devotion to God.
  • Daniel’s contemporaries were jealous of his model lifestyle.
  • Daniel’s obedience resulted in the whole nation knowing/learning about God.

You can listen to the sermon here or you can click on the audio player below.  Please know that due to some technical problems with the free podcast service, it may take several minutes before the podcast actually starts playing.  Thank you for your patience.

You can also listen to Sunday evening’s sermon, “The Changeless Christ” based on Hebrews 13:8  here or by clicking on the audio player below.  This sermon also includes a 6 minute audio recording of S.M. Lockridge’s “My King”.

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Pray for Our New President!

Posted by Rick on January 20, 2009

As our country experiences another peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next, let us commit to pray for our new President. President Obama will need God’s direction and God’s wisdom as he leads our country. We must be diligent to pray for him and the decisions that he makes, that they would bring glory and honor to God. Pray for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to surround himself with wise counsel. The honor of leading our country is no easy task and our new President will need our prayers!

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Forrest Pollock Update

Posted by Rick on May 13, 2008

At 12:30 today, the Bell Shoals Baptist Church posted this announcement:

We regret to inform you, our church family, that at approximately 11 AM this morning we learned that search and rescue teams found the aircraft of Pastor Forrest Pollock in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Pastor Pollock, 44 and his son Preston, 13, did not survive the crash. Please continue to lift up Dawn and the children during this difficult time. We grieve with hope and assurance that our Lord Jesus will lead us and carry us through these difficult times.

We have lost a great brother, pastor and friend in Forrest Pollock as well as a precious little brother in Christ, Preston Pollock. We owe a great thanks to those who risked their lives, endured extreme hardship, and worked non-stop in the attempt to rescue our pastor and his son.

I am sure you will join with me and many others as we pray for Bro Pollock’s family, friends, and for his church family at the time of their loss.  Here is a link to the Baptist Press story.

May God somehow be glorified in this.

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Items for Prayer

Posted by Rick on May 13, 2008

There are two on-going major events that need our prayer attention.

First is the tragedy in Myanmar from the effects of the recent typhoon.  Living conditions are atrocious and the death count is estimated to be around 100,000.  The ruling junta there is more concerned with preserving their rule than they are getting aid to the people who need it.  Pray that God would be glorified in this mess, that people who need help would get it, and that local believers and missionaries would be able to minister to the people there and share with them the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Second, Sichuan Province in Western China had a huge earthquake on Sunday.  7.9 on the Richter Scale is just incredible.  Authorities have put the “official” death toll at about 12,000.  There are tens of thousands of people still trapped in rubble.  Pray that God would be glorified in this mess, that people who are in need of rescue would receive it quickly, and that local believers would be able to use this to minister to people and share with them the hope that is in Jesus.

I had the opportunity to visit this area a few years ago.   It is a beautiful area, but people are poor and they are lost, by the millions.

Thirdly, on a less global scale, Rev. Forrest Pollock, pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Fl, is missing after he and his 13 year old son, Preston, took off in their private plane to return home from North Carolina.  They have search parties looking for them, including three aircraft.  They have found an emergency signal from somewhere in the mountains, but are unable to locate the plane due to heavy undergrowth.  You can read updates about this here.  Pray that if they are still alive, that they would be found quickly and if they are not, then their wreckage would be discovered quickly.  Pray that God would be glorified in this and that many people would come to His saving grace through this difficult situation.

Interestingly, in reading his bio, I found that we both graduated from the University of Oklahoma together in 1986.  I don’t think I knew him, but it brought it “close to home”.  Bro. Forrest was born in OKC.

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Missions Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on April 30, 2008

“The trouble with nearly everybody who prays is that he says ‘Amen’ and runs away before God has a chance to reply.  Listening to God is far more important than giving Him your ideas.” – Frank Laubach

Dr. Frank C. Laubach (the only American missionary to ever be on a US postage stamp)

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