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Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on December 22, 2008

Here are some “sound bites” from yesterday morning’s sermon, “Christmas Trees” based on Luke 23:33-43:

  • One thief ridiculed Jesus and appeared to only want out of the situation.
  • Jesus did not respond to him.
  • The other thief realized his situation was hopeless and “reached out” to Jesus in faith.
  • Jesus responded to Him and gave him salvation.
  • Many people only want something out of God or out of a church, but aren’t willing to change their lives.
  • While we put our Christmas gifts UNDER the tree, God put His Gift to mankind ON the tree, that is, the cross.

You can listen to the sermon here, or by clicking on the audio player below:

(PS: The image above is the aluminum Christmas tree mentioned in the sermon!)


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