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Archive for the ‘IMB’ Category

2010 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Goal Announced

Posted by Rick on November 4, 2010

The International Mission Board has announced that the 2010 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Goal is $175 million!  Our church goal is $1000.00.

The 2010 theme is “Are We There Yet?

The following is taken directly from the IMB website:

Are we there yet?

When it comes to reaching a lost world for Christ, some may wonder how far we’ve come and how much farther to go.

Today, we can identify the people groups that remain untouched by the Gospel. For the first time, it is conceivable that all people groups can be reached in the coming years with a Gospel presence. According to IMB’s 2009 statistical data* there were 506,019 baptisms, 204,192 churches. Church membership overseas was at 10.7 million, and there were 24,650 new churches.

Yes, there is still a long way to go, but progress is being made every day.

Now is the time to also take a fresh look at the challenges ahead and be ready to finish the task. With 45,560 churches in the Southern Baptist Convention, there is much work to be done.

Here’s a global snapshot of the work ahead of us:

* 4,743 people groups are not engaged at all with the Gospel

* 6,426 unreached people groups (those with less than 2 percent of people who profess to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ)

* 1.7 billion with little or no access to the Gospel

* 1.5 billion Muslims – 22 percent of the world’s population

* 950 million Hindus in the world

* Christian witness among China cities less than 1 percent

* 3 percent evangelical believers among Ethiopia’s 82 million people

* 355 million in South America do not know Christ

* Less than 1 percent Christian among more than 270 million living in the Central Asia region

* 650,000 Lezghi in the Causcasus Mountains fear evil spirits

* 97 percent of all Palestinians are Muslim

* 89 percent of North African and Middle Eastern people groups are unreached

* 311 people groups in India have no known evangelical believers

* Only 1,600 believers among 1.6 million Muong of Northern Vietnam


A little overwhelming isn’t it?

he task is doable, but it will take all of us – our churches, our missionaries, our national partners, our Great Commission partners.

Are we there yet? Not quite. But we’re on our way.


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Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on February 3, 2009

Here are some “sound bites” from Sunday morning’s sermon, “Desperately Distant from God” based on Exodus 20:18-21:

  • Many people keep their distance from God.
  • Some keep their distance because they are afraid of God.
  • Some keep their distance because they prefer their sinful lifestyle.
  • God calls us to Him.
  • God is approachable.
  • God has made the way (through Jesus Christ) for us to be reconciled to Him.


You can listen to the sermon here or by clicking on the audio player below.

You can also listen to Sunday evening’s sermon, “God Is for Us!” based on Romans 8:28-31 here or by clicking on the audio player below:

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Lottie Moon Video

Posted by Rick on November 25, 2008

What will YOU give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year?

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on November 25, 2008

“How many there are…who imagine that because Jesus paid it all, they need pay nothing…” – Lottie Moon, September 15, 1887

Lottie Moon

Give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions

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2008 Lottie Moon Goal

Posted by Rick on November 17, 2008

This year, our church’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) goal is $1000.00.  100% of the LMCO goes to the International Mission Board to fund overseas missions efforts.  Our “Halelujah” goal is $1250.00  Last year, we collected just a little over $1000 and met our Halelujah goal.

The National LMCO Goal is $170,000,000.00.

The offering begins November 30 and will be collected through the month of December.

Click THIS LINK to read more about Lottie Moon.

2008 LMCO

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Audrey Boyne Surrenders to Missions

Posted by Rick on June 16, 2008

Audrey Boyne, daughter of pastor Rick Boyne and his wife, Sally, attended Falls Creek Baptist Encampment two weeks ago with Emmanuel Baptist Church of Enid, OK. The last evening there, she felt God’s call on her life for service as an overseas missionary. Due to extenuating circumstances, she was unable to make her call known public at the Falls Creek Tabernacle Invitation.

Yesterday morning, she came forward during the invitation time at her home church to make her decision public. The whole congregation affirmed her in her decision and promised to support her with prayer and finances. After the service was completed, Audrey greeted the whole church in a reception line.

Audrey already has a vast experience in missions. She is an MK (Missionary Kid) having lived in Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Thailand and Hong Kong. She has also traveled to The Gambia, Togo, Singapore, Macau, China, and Mongolia. Her heart for missions started when she was just 2 1/2 years old as her parents became missionaries with the IMB in Guinea, West Africa. She has lived 8 of her 12 years overseas. She will enter the 7th grade at Wagoner Middle School this fall.

Won’t you join with us as we pray for Audrey and guide her in her journey with God to fulfill the Great Commission?

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2008 Lottie Moon Offering Goal Announced

Posted by Rick on May 22, 2008

The International Mission Board has announced that the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal for 2008 is $170,000,000.00.

Won’t you begin praying about your gift and begin saving up to give a generous offering this year?

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on January 17, 2008

“God, don’t ever let me be satisfied with business as usual. Don’t ever let me lose a sense of urgency for sharing the gospel with every nation, every people group and every person.” –  Dr. Jerry Rankin, President, International Mission Board

Dr. Jerry Rankin

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Lottie Moon Update

Posted by Rick on December 31, 2007

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports missionaries through the International Mission Board. Our church goal for 2007 is $750 and our Hallelujah Goal for 2007 is $1000. I am please to announce that we have surpassed our Hallelujah Goal! As of this morning, we have now raised $1181 for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering provides support in the form of insurance, travel expenses, rent, office equipment, supplies, etc for international missionaries. Having been the recipient of Lottie Moon funds, I can definitely say that your gifts are greatly appreciated by missionaries all over the world.

I encourage you to begin a savings program for the 2008 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. I remember when I was a little boy, my mother was a member of a bank’s Christmas Club. Each month, she would take $10 and put it into the account, then when Christmas time came, she had $100 or so to spend on Christmas presents. Why can’t we do the same with the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering? After all, it is much more important than Christmas presents, right? There is no reason that we can’t double our church’s goal for next year if we all plan for it!

Take a moment and pray for direction for what God may have you to give next year.

Bro Rick

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Who is Lottie Moon?

Posted by Rick on November 21, 2007

… and why are we still paying her?

Lottie Moon

Charlotte “Lottie” Diggs Moon was born Dec. 12, 1840, in Albemarle County, Va. she rebelled against Christianity until she was in college. In December 1858, she dedicated her life to Christ and was baptized at First Baptist Church of Charlottesville, Va. Lottie attended Albemarle Female Institute, female counterpart to the University of Virginia. In 1861, she was one of the first women in the South to receive a master’s degree. Edmonia Moon, Lottie’s sister, was appointed to Tengchow, China, in 1872. The following year, Lottie was appointed and joined her sister there.

Lottie served 39 years as a missionary, mostly in China’s Shantung province. She taught in a girls’ school and often made trips into China’s interior to share the good news with women and girls. Lottie frequently wrote letters to the United States, detailing Chinese culture, missionary life and the great physical and spiritual needs of the Chinese people. Additionally, she challenged Southern Baptists to go to China or give so that others could go. By 1888, Southern Baptist women had organized and helped collect $3,315 to send workers needed in China.

Lottie died aboard a ship in the Japanese harbor of Köbe on Dec. 24, 1912. She was 72 years old. In 1918, Woman’s Missionary Union named the annual Christmas offering for international missions after the woman who had urged them to start it. (From website)

This year’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering’s (LMCO) goal is $165,000,000.00. The LMCO funds 52% of the International Mission Board’s budget. The Cooperative Program funds 36%. The remaining funds come from investments and World Hunger donations. Our church’s goal is $750.00. We have raised $142.00 so far.

Pray for the generosity of Southern Baptists to give to the LMCO to meet the needs of missionaries around the world. Your support allows you to participate in the Great Commission as you support those who “go”.

You can find out more information about Lottie Moon here.

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