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Update from Abbotts

Posted by Rick on June 7, 2010

We received the following email from Bryan Abbott today:


Greetings All,

We are back in Palu! After leaving Wagoner at 7am Wednesday morning we arrived at our front door in Palu at 10 pm Friday, Palu time. God intervened for us in amazing ways at the start of our trip as we had a nice ticket agent that did not even mention charging us for a couple of bags that we knew were overweight, even thought he was very strict with a couple right in front of us in line.

The remainder of the trip was a little bumpy, but praise the Lord, we have made it home! Mikayla began showing signs of strep throat on our longest flight from Miniapolis to Tokyo, but Melissa came prepared with antibiotics!

We had some trouble in Singapore with our tickets being dated incorrectly for our connecting flight and we missed that flight but were able to get on another flight 3 hours later and arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, with enough time to book a flight and get all our bags checked in. We were not as fortunate with our ticket agent in Jakarta and paid for about 200lbs in overweight bags. (Indonesia airlines only allow one 40lb bag per person, and we had six, 50lb bags! ) We were very tired by the time we got on the plane to Palu and the kids had some panic moments when the kids woke up to find themselves on yet another airplane. However, with the time difference, even though it was 10pm in Palu, the kids were wide awake on Tulsa time of 9am when we arrived at our house in Palu. Melissa and I were ready to collapse, but the kids wanted to go PLAY with their dog!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to adjust and rest in the Lord. Mikayla is doing better health wise, but Andrew is now sick.

More updates will follow soon, but as of now, we still do not have internet at our house so email and skype will be limited for a few days.

We love you all.

Resting in His Hands and thankful to be HOME,



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Sunday’s Coming!

Posted by Rick on March 24, 2010

This coming Sunday,  we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper!  Begin to prepare your hearts.  I Corinthians 11:29 warns us to not take the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner.  It urges us to examine ourselves.

We should take this to mean that if we are living in unrepentant sin, then get right with God (repent and don’t do that sin any more) before coming to His table.  If you have something against someone, or someone has something against you, then make it right with that person before coming to His table.

Our message Sunday morning will be “Cleaning House” based on Matthew 21:12-16, where Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem.

Sunday evening, the Abbotts will be with us to give a presentation of their work in Indonesia.  We’ll have a Finger Food Fellowship following.

See you Sunday!

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Bits & Bytes

Posted by Rick on February 9, 2009

Here are some “sound bites” from Sunday morning’s sermon, “Standing Firm” based on Daniel 1:1-21:

  • Sometimes we are tempted to compromise based on our circumstances.
  • Once we compromise, we will have to fight it for the rest of our lives.
  • If we stand firm and do not compromise, we may have to face the consequences.
  • If we don’t stand firm and compromise, we will have to face God.
  • Who are you trying to please?

You ca listen to the sermon here or by clicking on the audio link below.

You can also listen to the evening sermon, “Safe and Secure” based on Romans 8:31-39 here or by clicking on the audio link below:

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on January 22, 2009

“Nothing so clears the vision and lifts up the life, as a decision to move forward in what you know to be entirely the will of the Lord.” —John Paton

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Abbott Update

Posted by Rick on July 31, 2008

There is a new email update from the Abbotts on their missionary page.  View it by clicking here.

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Abbott’s Arrived Safely!

Posted by Rick on July 27, 2008

Here is an email from Brian and Melissa Abbott:

Thanks to all of you who prayed for our trip. Your prayers were definitely felt over our 34 hours in transit. From being given food vouchers for a missed flight, to locating all our gates even in Russia with no English, to remaining healthy and safe, to getting through customs and immigration under an hour, we thank the Lord for bringing us to this point!

Currently, we are safe and sound at the NTM Guest House in Jakarta, trying to acclimate to the weather and 12-hour time difference.

Andrew did really well on the flights and layovers.  Except for a few late departures and a missed flight in Singapore,. our flights were pleasant and uneventful.  We lost a small bag with all Bryan’s clothes and spare diapers for the week, but it was delivered to the guest house in the middle of the night. Praise the Lord! By the time I realized we were missing Andrew’s diapers for the rest of the week, the bag had already been delivered. The Lord definitely had things under control and Singapore Airlines did take really good care of us, even with flight attendants to play with Andrew.

We spend a few days here in Jakarta, doing some paperwork and shopping, then we take a flight to Palu, get our VISAs stamped, and then fly to our temporary home in Salatiga for language study.  We will probably be in Salatiga a little over a year, which will be the longest we have ever lived anywhere as a family, so we’re excited!

We’d love to have hear from you as we have internet here at the Guest House, but it may take us a couple weeks to get things set up in Salatiga, so don’t worry if you don’t get a reply during that time.  We have Skype, so feel free to contact us, my username is FlyingAMT.  We are 12 hours ahead, so 8 pm your time is 8 am the next day for us.

We are excited to be here, but it is still a bit unreal.  Once we get settled in our new house in Salatiga, life should start to seem normal again.  We’ll try to give more cultural insights and pictures over the next few days/weeks, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for your prayers and support,

Bryan, Melissa and Andrew

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Mission Quote of the Week

Posted by Rick on July 21, 2008

“My Master calls me to these poor children of His.  I have at best but a few more years to live.  It is clear that my place is not in the old home any longer…I shall go to the Nez Perces and earn my eternal reward.”  – Susan Law McBeth

Susan Law McBeth (1830-1893)

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IMB Appointment Service

Posted by Rick on June 30, 2008

Last Friday night, my family had the privilege to attend an appointment service of the International Mission Board for new missionaries.  It was at Southern Hills Baptist Church in OKC.  I have posted about this event and added pictures on my personal blog.  You can click here to see it.

I hope to be able to take folks from our church the next time we have an appointment service in Oklahoma.  It is truly a wonderful event to witness!

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Notes about Eric Liddell

Posted by Rick on March 14, 2008

Most of us only think about Eric Liddell as ‘the man who wouldn’t run on Sunday’, for whom about the movie “Chariots of Fire” was made.  After his running career, he served as a missionary to Shandong Province, China.  He was captured during WWII by the Japanese and died in a prison camp in Weifeng, China, in 1945, just five months before the camp’s liberation.  In a prisoner exchange bargain, his freedom was arranged by Winston Churchill, but he gave it up and let a pregnant woman leave instead.  He was known as the “Flying Scotsman” and by his Chinese name,  Li Airui, 李愛銳.

I had the opportunity to visit Weifeng in 2004.  I saw the camp and hospital where he died.  There is a wonderful monument erected in his memory, but someone has defaced it by scratching out the cross at the top and the Bible emblem at the bottom.  During the Cultural Revolution, the cornerstone of the hospital was defaced by the Red Guard.  They committed a similar act on the monument to Lottie Moon in Penglai.

One of the most moving monuments was the wall of names.  It listed everyone interred by the Japanese.  Liddell’s name is, of course, listed as well.

Monument to Eric Liddell in Weifeng, China Monument to Eric Liddel in Weifeng Prison Camp

Wall of Names at Weifeng Prisoner’s Monument, Weifeng, China Wall of Names at Weifeng Prison Camp Memorial (I circled Liddell’s name in red)

Hospital in Weifeng Prison Camp where Eric Liddell died Hospital where Eric Liddell died in Weifeng Prison Camp in 1945.

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Bro Rick

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